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NMDS-SC Data Sharing


Employers are already able to benefit from Skills for Care sharing NMDS-SC data the Care Quality Commission as part of the compliance monitoring process; and from April 2013 we can share your data with two additional bodies. Firstly NHS Choices, which will publish information about provider quality profiles (PQP) which will allow providers the opportunity to demonstrate their reputation in the market to those seeking care. The other, is sharing data with local authorities for the purposes of contract compliance and better support of care providers through greater awareness.


The sharing of data through NMDS-SC is of considerable benefit to employers as they don’t have to repeatedly provide the same information to a number of different organisations. The sector also benefits from the supply of evidence based information about the social care workforce which helps to inform decision making around funding, resources and policies.


We assume that employers will want to share their NMDS-SC data unless the employer opts out of data sharing.  We do not share any person identifiable the data sharing is not governed by the Data Protection Act. However, Skills for Care aspires to the highest standards of information governance. In line with best practice advice from the Information Commissioner’s Office we provide as much information as possible to employers about why we share the information and what we share together with an easily accessible opportunity to opt out of data sharing.


All the permissions to share data are on an ‘opt out’ basis with clear information on what data is shared, this can be seen by clicking on the question mark icon when in your account.

– To see your permissions and full details on information sharing, please log in to your NMDS-SC account and click on Edit Establishment Details.


To access frequently asked questions on data sharing and data protection please click here.


To view data protection documents please click here.


Need help? If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact NMDS-SC Support Service on 0845 873 0129 or by email: