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QCF (Qualification Credit Framework)


What QCF qualifications do we run?


We currently offer qualifications in Dementia Level 2, End of Life Level 3, Nutrition Level 2 and Medication Level 3 which are all stand alone qualifications.  All of these qualifications can be used to RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) into the Diploma in Health & Social Care qualifications.   Within the Health & Social Care qualification Level 2 and level 3 there are 3 pathways to choose from: 


 What is QCF?


The QCF is a new flexible way of recognising and rewarding skills and qualifications. The QCF will present units and qualifications in a simpler way and it will lead to qualifications that are flexible and meet the skills and knowledge needs of the workforce.


How will it work?


Every unit and qualification in the framework will have both a credit value and a level. One credit represents 10 hours of learning, so the credit value shows how much time it takes to complete. Levels can vary from entry level through to level 8. Qualifications are available at Award, Certificate and Diploma level.

– Awards (1 to 12 credits)

– Certificates (13 to 36 credits)

– Diplomas (37 credits or more)


Benefits for you as a learner: 

This will ensure diversity in the delivery and assessment of qualifications and that you are able to undertake learning in an appropriate style.