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To provide consistently high quality, customer focussed education and learning which develops and enhances the knowledge and skills of the Health and Social Care Workforce to meet the needs of patients and service users within the wider community.


Our partners include services and organisations across Northumberland, both local authority managed and private and independently managed, who provide Adult Social Care; we also work with GP’s and primary care providers, and voluntary services.


We have recently re-launched our Learning & Development Group, the membership of which is representative of customers across all sectors with which we work.  The remit of this group will be to shape the priorities and objectives of our future development programs.  We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions; and are happy to work with individuals and organisations to support your particular need wherever possible.  If you are interested in being part of this group, please follow this link for further information, and an Expression of Interest form: 


We can also offer individually tailored development, both as stand-alone, or as part of a larger package.  These can be provided in a range of methods, such as in house training, where one or more of our trainers will come to your establishment to train all of your staff at once; or supported e-learning sessions, where we will bring equipment to your organisation and guide your staff through any e-learning that you may need.  Should you be interested in discussing this further, please contact our Staff Development Officers, Tracey Horseman and Julia Marley.


It is extremely important to us to work collaboratively with you; to listen to your needs and strengthen our partnership.  Our aim is to ensure that the learning and development opportunities provided to your organisations offer relevant, appropriate, resource-effective training, to help you develop your workforce fully, so that the adult social care and services provided within Northumberland is of the highest standard possible.