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For general information please contact the help desk on

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Care Management Team


Tracey Horseman, Staff Development Officer

Tel:  01670 629042     Email:


Leigh Waller, Training Practitioner

Tel:  01670  629041     Email:


Anne Lambert, Learning & OD Officer (Children’s)

Tel: 01670 623159   Email: 




Adult Provider


Julia Marley, Staff Development Officer

Tel: 01670 629038     Email:


Janine Fish, Training Coordinator

Tel: 01670 629048     Email:


Louise Aisbitt, Training Coordinator

Tel: 01670 629045     Email:


Eileen Baldwin, Training Coordinator (Children’s)

Tel: 01670 623161   Email:



Business Development Team


Jen Poplett, Business Manager

Tel: 01670 629036     Email:


Lesley Hudson, Development Officer

Tel: 01670 629035     Email:


Deborah Brown, Administrator

Tel: 01670 629046     Email:


Alex Poole, L & OD Systems Administrator

Tel: 01670 629051    Email: