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Archive Minutes – 22.6.12

PVI Reference GroupChoppington Welfare 

22 June 2012




Julia Marley – LDU  
Kay Rogerson – LDU (Minute Taker)  
Linda Pritchard – Northlands Nursing Home  
Rob McEwan – Carewatch Northumberland  




1. Apologies:              


  • Karen Winspear – Skills for Care
  • Gail Mustoe – Helping Hands
  • Michelle Daglish – Crofton Court
2. Minutes of the last Meeting


  • Minutes of last meeting agreed as a true record. Format of meetings briefly discussed by JM with RMcE.
3. Matters Arising


  • Rookie Golf Train the Trainer – Dates now available for this training via LDU. A flyer has been distributed to all services and applications to come into the department via the usual application process.
4 Training Needs Analysis

  • TNA for 2013/14 was launched on 29th May 2012. The outcome of the TNA will determine the training needs for next years catalogue. JM – priority will go to services who complete and return their TNA, which is the same process as the current year. Currently, there are additional funds available to facilitate extra sessions for those services who complete a retrospective TNA to enable them to access the training required. JM – this cannot be guaranteed for next year as it is dependent upon budgetary constraints.
  • JM reiterated the importance of the completion of TNA. This years TNA was trialled with Reference Group members prior to it being launched in May, and the feedback from the members was very positive, with members saying that it only took 5 minutes to complete and services have the opportunity to use the free text box to request adhoc training/interests.
  • The TNA will close in July and the data will then be collated in September and used for the planning of the training catalogue from October.
















LDU Team

5 Employer Engagement Event – 14th June 2012











  • The latest Employer Engagement Event was held on 14th June 2012 at Choppington Welfare.
  • There were speakers from the Macmillan Team and Infection Control who gave presentations on the updates and changes within End of Life Care and Infection Control.
  • End Of Life – There are changes being implemented in Northumberland around the make of Syringe Drivers used for palliative care patients. District Nursing Teams are working closely with services to implement these changes. JM reiterated that the EOL team are able to train directly into services to provide EOL Awareness training, and they are also available to work with services on specific areas e.g. care planning etc.
  • Infection Control – There was also an update from IPC team on infection control issues. Again, JM reiterated that this training can be done inhouse for services. The IPC Team work very closely with services and have identified IPC “Champions” within services and hold regular meetings where support and advice from the team is available for services.
  • The launch of the TNA was also discussed at the event and services had the opportunity to use the IT Suite to complete their TNA if they wished.
6 Update – Learning and Development Activity

  • Current Training Catalogue – Lots of courses in this years training catalogue are now filling up. The LDU Management Team will be looking at facilitating some additional sessions for specific courses that are very high in demand. Any additional dates arranged will be distributed via a mail shot and services will need to apply in the usual manner.
  • Correspondence – JM reiterated the need for services to use a generic (i.e. organisational) email address wherever possible. There have been a number of instances recently where applications have been made with members of staff quoting a personal email address. This has been having a knock on effect for non-attendance of courses if joining instructions are not being relayed to individuals. Generic email addresses that are accessed frequently should be used as all joining instructions will be emailed out to services.
  • Did Not Attend’s – LDU will be implementing charges for staff who fail to attend courses. The impact of DNA’s on the department is having a major impact both in terms of finance and resource. The approximate cost to LDU is £3,000 per month. RMcE – can places be substituted if staff can not attend?? JM – yes as long as services use the number of spaces allocated to them they will not be liable for charges.
  • JM reiterated that we are currently looking at providing additional classes to ensure all services are given the training that they are requesting but this may not be able to continue.


7 Newsletter

  • The LDU newsletter was discussed at the previous Employer Engagement Event, and it was implemented and launched at the Employer Event on 14th June.
  • This will now be produced Bi-Monthly and includes lots of information including competencies framework, links to resources etc. The newsletter will be distributed to services in conjunction with the Reference Group Minutes.







8 New Catalogue

  • The results of the TNA will for the basis of the new training catalogue for 2013/14, but this will be dependent upon the budget that is released.
  • Costed courses will again be in the new training catalogue, for Fire Warden, Venepuncture and Verfication of Death training.
  • The catalogue will go to print in December 2012 and launched in February 2013.
  • If services have specific training needs or requests that they want to identify this should be done via the TNA 2013/14..











9 Update : Key Priorities

  • Workforce Development Fund – LDU has been successful in securing another contract for WDF funding for the completion of QCF Units. This allows services to claim money for backfill of staff when releasing staff to complete QCF qualificiations. NMDS registration must be up to date for services to access this funding. Services are now also to claim for complete BTec Meds Units as well as QCF.
  • QCF – There are no updates at present. The framework has now been in place for over a year and programmes are running with no issues to report.
  • SfC/SfH – Skills for Care and Skills for Health are now amalgamated which will affect the framework for staff training. JM is attending an update conference and will provide an update for services following this at the next Employer Engagement Event.
  • SFA – There are major changes afoot within the Skills Funding Agency around funding. No funding will be available for people aged over 25 years, the emphasis is now on funding people aged under 25.
















10 Any other Business


Additional training –

  • Rookie Golf Train the Trainer – dates now available, flyer has been sent out, please apply in usual manner.
  • Wound care – dates to follow, flyer to be sent out in due course
  • Dementia Level 3 – available towards end of year, dates and information to follow on flyer
  • Dementia Train the Trainer – Being explored at present, information and dates to follow
  • MCA Train the Trainer – expressions of interest being collated at present, services identified will be contacted with information in sue course
  • Food Hygiene & Nutrition – Combined training being explored, information to follow
  • Health Improvement – LDU has is now working closely with the Health Improvement Team and will be exploring subjects such as Smoking cessation, Alcohol awareness, Mental Health First Aid. It is envisaged that these subjects will be part of next’s training catalogue.


11 Date and time of next meeting

  • 13th September 2012, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon, Choppington Social Welfare


  Contact DetailsLearninganddevelopment@nct.nhs.ukTelephone 01670 394425