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Introduction to Josephine

Hi – I’m Josephine.


I joined LDU Community based in Merley Croft (Morpeth), in January 2014, as the newest member of the team.  I am going to be working with women, who have a learning disability, to help them talk about difficult issues like sexual health, pregnancy, the menopause, keeping safe, relationships and lots more.


The first thing I did when I arrived in LDU Community was to be introduced to some women at Pottergate Day Centre in Alnwick who were really kind and took me shopping for new clothes.  We had a great day and I got some really nice things!


I was introduced to Care Providers within Northumberland at our annual conference in February.  I have to say being the centre of attention with lots of people made me really nervous but it went really well.


I’ve been visiting different groups of people since February including all the agencies that make up the Safeguarding Adults Board in Northumberland.


In May I even went to Birmingham with Tracey Horseman, Ann Brown and Kirsty Balmbra because I was nominated for the National Trainer of the Year award.  Even though I didn’t win I was proud to be nominated and really enjoyed the event and also the opportunity to celebrate the really great work being carried out nationally within Learning Disabilities.


I went to Foundry House too and met some Care Management staff who work there.  I then went to Alnwick and met more staff (I hope I remember everyone’s name!).  Everyone has been lovely and seem to be excited about my arrival.


At the moment I’m helping Louise Aisbitt deliver some workshops at Pottergate Day Centre in Alnwick and I love it.  We get really great food there and the women have become good friends of mine.  I’m looking forward to going to Bedlington Day Centre in August.


I’m busy helping some of the trainers develop a workshop that will look at Bereavement and Loss.  This new workshop will be available from September and I know it will help lots of people talk about their worries.  If you are interested in attending one of these workshops please contact LDU Community where I work.


I think there is going to be lots of work for me in the future so make sure you follow my blog to keep up to date whilst I’m out and about in Northumberland.




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