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Josephine’s 2nd Blog

Hi everyone – Josephine here again.


I just thought I would let you know what I have been up to since my last blog.


As you already know I have been to the Pottergate Centre in Alnwick to meet the women who go there.


I went back to Pottergate on 11th June to do some more training with Lou and Kirsty. I was feeling a little nervous but it went well and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. It was all about feeling good and I thought it was great as we talked about things that make us feel good and things that make us feel bad. I asked Lou if she would read out some things in my diary to share my thoughts with everyone as I was a bit uncomfortable doing it myself.


Later in the day the women all helped me to look at different clothes I could wear and we talked about how much fun we could have if we went shopping together.


I can’t wait for next week as we are talking about healthy eating and health checks.


I returned to Pottergate again the following week to talk about healthy eating and which food is good and bad for you.


We also talked about health checks and how we can take care of ourselves. This included looking at people we would meet at the doctor’s if we had to go. As part of the training session Lou and Kirsty starting talking about breast checks and looking for lumps…… embarrassing but we were all women together. It was good to talk to others about what you need to do to check for lumps and also what to do if you found one. I think this is really useful stuff to talk about and share with everyone!




Hopefully I will be back to Pottergate soon and I will let you know what happened.


Take Care





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