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Josephine’s 4th Blog

Hi everyone,


What a busy time I’ve been having lately!


Two weeks ago I went to Bedlington Day Centre where I met several ladies who joined me to learn more about Health Checks and Feeling Good.


I’d never met them before but we had a great time!  The ladies helped me choose a couple of outfits to wear to a disco and then we had some fun showing off our dancing moves!


I shared my experience of having health checks and we all had a good chat about why it is important to make sure we have regular check-ups.


I’ve made some good friends at Bedlington and I’m looking forward to going back!


Last week I went to meet a group of people in Hexham who wanted to know more about me and how I am being used to help women talk and learn about some really important issues.  When I was there I heard that there might be a new person joining my Team.  I think they called him Jack and he’ll be doing what I do but mainly with men.  That’ll be great to have someone new to talk to and maybe even train together!  I wonder what he’ll be like….??


That’s all I’ve got time for just now – I’m off to another meeting so will be back in touch soon.




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