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Josephine’s 3rd Blog

Hello again, Josephine here.


It has been a few weeks since my last visit to Pottergate.


On 25th June it was time for my next visit… I am so excited!!


After having coffee and cake we had a good talk about relationships and love.


I really thought that I knew what love was until we discussed it in our group.  We talked about relationships. It was good to clarify how you should behave with different people.  You behave differently towards a friend, to what you would a taxi driver or a shop assistant.  We did lots of activities looking at people in our lives and how we behave with them.  I am so pleased Lou and Kirsty explained today that you didn’t have to love everyone, and you might just fancy them.  Lots to think about for this session, I think I will have to make notes in my diary.  It was a great day!


On 9th July we returned to Pottergate.  It is always nice seeing my friends again.


Today was a little embarrassing as we talked about sexuality and our rights and protecting ourselves from harm.  Whilst having a cuppa I shared some of my diary with the women about a boy named Jack who I met at the disco and how he made me feel.  I think after all the information from the last session, I have decided I only fancied Jack but it would be nice to have him as a friend.  It is good to know people are available to help if you need it.  I also got lots of leaflets to take home to show my mam.


Well it is now the beginning of August and it is my last visit to Pottergate.


We have finished our programme but hopefully I can go back to visit them again soon to see how everyone is doing, that would be great!  We had lots of fun today, I presented everyone with their certificates and Kirsty had organised a surprise trip to Alnwick railway.  We had tea and cake and went on the train.  It was a fab, but sad day.


Take Care



Certificate presentations photo


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