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Josephine’s 10th Blog

Hi everyone,


It’s Josephine your all probably thinking Josephine who? I’ve been away from my blogs for that long ha ha ha.


Well Jack and I have been so busy, that busy in fact we have employed someone to co -ordinate our project and support us to develop our ideas.

Jack and I interviewed lots of people, but we decided on Kerry Jackson. Kerry has worked with and supported people with a learning disability for a long time in different roles like learning support, nursing assistant, learning disabilities nurse and now the Jack and Josephine co-ordinator.

Say hello Kerry (Kerry doesn’t like her photo taken, but she will be fine. I’ve been giving her lots of hints and tips!)


Jack, Josephine & Kerry

Hello everyone I’m Kerry, I’ve been in post a while now. Jack, Josephine and all the people involved in the Jack and Josephine project have been very friendly and supportive. Josephine and I have run a couple of workshops together which have gone really well. Jack and I are running a group now which has been really fun, I’m learning lot’s.


Well since there is now Jack, Kerry and I, we will be sharing the Jack and Josephine blogging. I love blogging, but we are all doing lots of different things. We feel it’s important that we share our own experiences.


Bye for now.