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Josephine’s 9th Blog

At last I’ve found time to update my blog!!  It’s been so busy over the last few months things have only just began to settle down!


Where can I start……well let’s see now….ah yes…


I’ve been on a few visits to a range of services in Northumberland meeting the staff and finding out more about what they offer.  I went to the Sexual Health and Contraception Service in Morpeth where I found out about all the different types of contraception there are.  Wow I didn’t know there was so many!  It was really interesting and the service is confidential too.


I spent time with our Health Improvement team too learning all about healthy eating and exercise.  I learnt so much about food that I didn’t know and I’m a bit more careful now not to eat too many high fat foods!

Josephine 26.06.15

The training department has started to deliver training into the GP practices and I was taken along to find out more about what GP’s do.  I’d never been to the GP before and I know lots of people may be nervous or worried about what to expect.  I was a bit nervous at first but soon settled once I met the staff.  I had a couple of checks done myself!



Jos 26.06.15

Jos 26.6.15

In early June I went to a Staff Awards Ceremony at the Marriott Gosforth Park Hotel.  I wasn’t alone and went along with some of my trainers and my friend Jack.  We were nominated for an ‘Innovation Award’.  It was very glamorous!  I wore a long black dress and sparkly sandals.  Jack looked very dapper in his suit too.  It was a great night and we danced loads.  Sadly we didn’t win but we were runners up so that’s good.  I was really tired in the morning and my feet were sore from my new sandals but it was worth it!!

Josephine 26.06.15 1

In May I was working in Hexham with Kirsty and Jackie at the Tynedale Centre.  I met lots of people and had a great time!  We talked about lots of things and the women really enjoyed learning about health and well-being.


Soon I will be working with the women at Blyth Riverside Day Centre and I’m also going to be running another Bereavement and Loss Workshop too.


It’s so busy now and it’s great that services are working together with myself and Jack.  I think we’ll be doing some joint working in the future so watch this space.


I must go now as I need to get changed and pack my bag for my next adventure!


Happy Summer!





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