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June Newsletter 2015

As you know, you and your staff can register directly for a learning account on LDU Community Online (our dedicated Adult Social Care portal on NCCs Learning Together system)


However, can we bring a couple of things to your attention:



All accounts MUST have a valid, individual, unique email address attached:


When selecting ‘organisation’ and ‘job role’, please ensure you EXPAND THE LISTS FULLY, and search for the exact name of your organisation or the closest job role to your own – please don’t select the titles of the lists.


Any missing or incomplete data on the registration form will result in a delay to your application, and if we can’t get hold of you to clarify the information provided, there is no choice but to reject your application.


So please, when completing your registration form give us a ring if you’re unsure on 01670 629036 or email and we’ll be happy to help.






Julia Marley and Janine Fish are now certified trainers available to deliver Parkinson’s Awareness sessions.

These are now available to book via Learning Together.





Changes to Safeguarding Adults Guidance and Training


The Care Act 2014 came into force in England on April 1st 2015 and will see some significant changes to how the Local Authority will provide social care services.


Existing Safeguarding Adults policies and procedures will be updated to reflect the new guidance within the Act.  This will result in changes to Safeguarding Adults Awareness Training to include the new definition of abuse and to increase the categories of abuse.  As a result of this all of our provider partners will need to ensure that their own policies and procedures are reviewed to reflect the National and Local guidance.


We will keep you updated as to when the new Safeguarding Adults guidance is available but in the meantime if you have any queries in  this respect please contact Leigh Waller either by e-mail at or by telephone on 01670 629041.


If you provide in-house Safeguarding Adults Training please ensure your materials/resources are updated.  Once again please contact Leigh Waller if you need any guidance or support in this area.






The PREVENT Duty applies to the following sectors:


Local Authorities

Schools and registered child care providers

Further Education

Higher Education

Health Sector

Prisons and Probation



For each sector the guidance states that – “frontline staff who engage with the public should understand what radicalisation means and why people may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism as a consequence of it…..”  All specified authorities subject to the duty will need to ensure they provide appropriate training for staff involved in the implementation of this duty…”


The CONTEST Thematic Group under the Safer Northumberland Partnership has a multi agency membership with all sectors above to ensure compliance with the Duty.


At the present time we include Radicalisation as a category of abuse within SA Awareness Training however this is not enough.  There is a PREVENT e-learning package currently being finalised by NCC which will be rolled out to ALL relevant staff and the face to face WRAP will be delivered to Managers/Supervisors etc.


NHCT is also Duty bound to comply with the Guidance and NHS England has produced a Competency Framework for this.  NHCT will be adopting the LA e-learning when completed.






Due to storage problems in LDU, can we please ask for files and certificates to be collected within one month after being emailed to say they are ready for collection. If not collected within one month, we will have no option but to send them away to be archived.


If you receive an email for someone who no longer works for your organisation, can you please let us know any contact information you have for them.



COURSES – Online and Classroom


Did you know we have a number of e-Learning packages available on Learning Together? These are a few available to access now – right click on the link then click “Open Hyperlink”.

Introduction to Manual Handling objects

Information Security & Governance

Fire Safety Awareness

Food Safety Level 2

Equality & Diversity

Nutrition Awareness

Person Centred Planning Awareness

Dementia Awareness

Epilepsy Awareness

End of Life

Childrens Autism Awareness

Learning Disability Awareness

Compliments and Complaints


Verification of Death


New courses – coming soon

Tissue viability awareness

Alzheimers awareness

Falls awareness

Foot care awareness (toe nail cutting)



We’re constantly developing new programs – if your service needs anything specific that’s not currently offered, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.


There are face to face courses available over the next couple of months with places available



MCA Awareness


Safeguarding adults awarenessFire Warden1st AidFalls Awareness


To apply for any of the above courses, please right click on the link then select “open hyperlink”


If you don’t have your log in details and would like to apply, please contact LDU Community on 01670 629033 or email and we’ll be happy to help.