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October 2013

Welcome to the third edition of the Learning and Development Training Bulletin for Adult Social Care Practitioners within the community services business unit.


Training Bulletin (April 2013 – October 2013)


We are aiming to use this Training Bulletin to bring you up-to-date information about important training opportunities and associated information for adult social care practitioners within the community services business unit. Our strategy is to plan to meet established, identified training needs, but also to respond flexibly and transparently to additional training requests which may be made to the service.




LDU Community Training Catalogue & Website Launch


On February 22nd 2013 we held our Learning & Development Conference at the Josephine Butler Campus in Ashington.


The event was extremely well attended by our Provider Partners and Practitioners from the Trust.


The event saw the launch of our Training Catalogue and our dedicated LDU Community Website –


The website provides all information regarding the work of the LDU Community Team and Training Course details are provided with applications able to be made on-line!  Remember to follow the application instructions as detailed on the individual course flyers.  If you are NHCT employed then you MUST apply via Cobalt Training Team on 0191 203 1415 Option 1.


You’ll see the website also gives further information about each section within the LDU and the Care Management link provides access to a range of topics that practitioners will find useful.


We are always looking for further information to add to the website so if you have anything you think could be shared then please do e-mail us at:







Following the Training Needs Analysis we conducted last year we have been able to tailor training provision to meet the needs of the Care Co-ordination/Care Management Teams. You will see we have a number of new courses covering a broad spectrum of topics all of which are relevant for Adult Social Care practice.  Please ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to attend these courses! 


Below is an overview of some of the courses available from April 1st:



LESSONS LEARNT – Learning from Serious Case Reviews



An opportunity for practitioners to learn from Serious Case Reviews that have been conducted locally and nationally.  These workshops will consider a number of SCR’s and enable practitioners to identify a range of issues including missed opportunities and areas of good practice.  These workshops are supported by a member of the NCC Legal Department and therefore an excellent opportunity to seek appropriate advice to those dilemmas we face in practice but also to gain reassurance and confidence when dealing with difficult situations.  It is advisable that you book dates in advance as workshops are limited.  Make sure you apply via Cobalt!



Illegal Money Lending



With an estimated 310,000 households in theUKborrowing from unlicensed lenders or loan sharks as they are more commonly known, illegal money lending is a problem across the country.

Illegal money lending is a crime which can have a hugely detrimental impact on the emotional and mental well being of victims. 

Many victims will have the need for increased support and intervention particularly those most vulnerable and therefore this issue has safeguarding implications. 

We ran a number of Awareness sessions last year and all were well attended with attendees evaluating the course as ‘excellent’ and very relevant in relation to care management/care co-ordination work.

Don’t miss out on this year’s dates!



NAPPI (Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention)



last year a number of adult social care staff undertook an intensive 8 day Train the Trainer programme to enable and develop new approaches for working with people with challenging behaviour.  This Training is referred to as NAPPI.  Since April 2012 we have trained in excess of 500 staff working across a range of social care services to implement the NAPPI approach and already positive results are starting to be recognised in practice.

NAPPI was developed inAmericain 1977 and NAPPI UK Ltd was formed in 1995 and has gained accreditation with the British Institute of Learning Disabilities.

NAPPI focuses on the assessment, prevention and management of confused, unpredictable and aggressive service users and is specifically designed to train staff to:


We are offering Care Management/Co-ordination staff the opportunity to learn about this new approach so as to be able to recognise the new ways of working across the sector.





PREVENT is one part of CONTEST – the Home Office Counter Terrorism Strategy and focuses on the need to prevent vulnerable people being drawn into terrorist-related activity.  The Home Office has already acknowledged that the expertise of policing, local authorities and community organisations are key to effective preventative work and organisations commissioned to provide care and support to vulnerable people are in a position of great influence.  The Health & Social Care sector are key partners in delivering the PREVENT Strategy.


The Dept of Health, in conjunction with the Home Office, has developed an Awareness raising workshop referred to as HealthWRAP (Working to raise awareness of PREVENT) and we are now in a position to role out workshops across our Social Care Teams. These workshops fit with the principles of Safeguarding Practice and therefore will be beneficial to all Care Management/Care Co-Ordination staff.


Awareness of PREVENT has been incorporated into the Commissioning process by the Dept of Health and therefore staff will be required to have a basic awareness as Mandatory.





Appropriate Adult Practice


Dates are now available throughout the year – don’t forget to apply through Cobalt training team – 0191 203 1415 Option 1.

NCC staff will need to apply through the Learning Together training tool. Applies to LD and MH Teams.



Domestic Abuse Awareness



We are currently working on an awareness programme around domestic abuse, which will compliment the MARAC training and provide staff with additional training, to enable them to effectively support individuals who may be experiencing domestic abuse.

Furthermore the need to provide domestic abuse awareness has emerged from the Governments recently published Call to End Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) action plan and the implementation of Statutory Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR). The VAWG looks at awareness training being essential for front line practitioners.





Risk Re-visited Training


In response to requests from practitioners and managers, we delivered a series of Risk Re-visited Workshops.  The majority of sessions were delivered to Teams between July 2011 and August 2012.  We delivered a final session on April 16th, to make it available to those who had missed the team sessions. We have now completed this series of the Workshops.


Participants contributed thoughtfully and enthusiastically, and this gave added value to the sessions. It was well-evaluated and we have evidence that many participants found this opportunity to look at these issues again helpful. Comments included the following:-





Thank you to all who attended, and shared their experiences so generously.


MARAC Awareness Training February/March 2013



Three Pilot sessions of a new rollout of MARAC Training have been delivered atHepscottPark. This was a joint venture between Cease24, NCC Children’s Services (L&OD) and Northumbria Healthcare Learning and Development Unit at Merley Croft.  Despite numbers being lower than expected, the sessions were very well evaluated.


The team are working on developing Domestic Violence Awareness Workshops, as well as looking to schedule further MARAC Awareness training events in due course.


Please contact Ceinwen Haydon if you require further information about these courses.







The new programme for 2013/14 has now been finalised and course information can be viewed via the LDU Website at:


Courses available include:


Northumbria Healthcare staff must apply via Cobalt – 0191 2031415 Option 1, then Option 3 and NCC Staff via Learning Together.




Safeguarding Adults Training Strategy 2013 – 2016


The Safeguarding Adults Training Strategy has now been finalised and approved by the Northumberland Safeguarding Adults Board and sets out the priorities for learning and development opportunities for adult social care staff across Northumberland.  The Strategy sets out the ambitions of the Board in providing quality training in line with both local and national safeguarding adults policy.  

You can view the Strategy on the LDU Community website at and on the Northumberland County Council website at


Safeguarding Adults Annual Report 2012 – 2013


The Annual Report into Safeguarding Adults work is underway and will show the work of the Safeguarding Adults Unit over the twelve month period.  The document will provide statistics showing the level of alerts and referrals from across the County and the work that the team have been involved with across a range of services.

You will soon be able to access a copy of the report via the County Council Website by clicking the link below:






Check out Links and Further Information in the Care management Section of the LDU Community Website:


Transforming Care: A National Response to Winterbourne View Hospital


The Department of Health has published its final report in response to the events that took place at Winterbourne View.  It sets out a programme of action to transform services for people with learning disabilities or autism and mental health conditions or behaviours described as challenging.


Any provider of Care and Support services should take time to read this final report.


Read/download the report by using the link below:


Download Report



Caring for our Future, White Paper & the  Draft Care and Support Bill


The ‘Caring for our future’ White Paper sets out the Governments vision for the reform of the current care and support system inEnglandandWales.

The draft Care and Support Bill aims to create a single modern piece of law for adult care and support, replacing complex and outdated legislation.

It is anticipated that legislative changes will come into effect from 2015 once the Bill has been passed through parliament beginning in Autumn 2013.

The White Paper and the Care and Support Bill will have a major effect on our services and therefore you are encouraged to seek further information.


To find out more follow the link below:

Care and Support Bill 


ISA – Duty to Refer – Disclosure and Barring Service


The existing process for Vetting and Barring employees changed in September 2012.  The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) are now known as the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).  Organisations that employ staff to undertake Regulated Activity working with vulnerable adults or children, now have legal responsibilities to comply with the requirements as laid out in the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (2006) and the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.

To find out more follow the links below:

Disclosure and Barring Service


Mental Health Promotion Group


A representative from the Library Service attended the last forum and we thought the information shared with us could be useful for you!

Mobile Library timetables


Information on all library services


eBooks query –  due to our licensing agreement eBooks can only be downloaded by one user at a time  


The Contented Dementia Trust


The Contented Dementia Trust (CDT) promotes a simple, person centred and sensitive method of working with people suffering from dementia, (known as the SPECAL method).

To find out more about the CDT and this approach follow the link below:

Contented Dementia Trust


Contacting the Care Management Training Team


Tracey Horseman

Staff Development Officer

Telephone: 01670 629042

Jo Ball

Training Practitioner – Medical Devices

Telephone: 01670 629050

Ceinwen Haydon

Training Practitioner – Care management/Care co-ordination

Telephone: 01670 629040

Leigh Waller

Training Practitioner – Safeguarding/MCA

Telephone: 01670 629041