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Assessed & Supported Year in Employment


An Overview 


The ASYE is designed to help Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSW) to develop their skills, knowledge and strengthen their professional confidence.  It provides them with access to regular and focussed support during their first year of employment.


An important part of the ASYE is the Learning Agreement completed at the start of the programme by the Assessor and the NQSW.  This should describe how the employer will support the NQSW through the following:



Professional supervision and assessment should be carried out by a qualified, registered social worker. Some NQSWs may be managed by staff, who are not qualified and registered social workers, in those cases the learning agreement will need to clarify the professional and managerial roles in supervision and assessment.




The key principle of assessment is that evidence gathered from a range of work must be sufficient to demonstrate how the NQSW has met the nine Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) domains at ASYE Level.  This can be achieved through submitting a range of evidence with pieces of direct practice supplying evidence which can meet requirements across a number of those domains.


An NQSW might produce the following to show sufficient evidence of capability:



Under the principles of holistic assessment, formative assessment will be undertaken during the ASYE and evidence included for the final assessment.  It is recommended that interim reviews will be carried out at approximately 3 monthly intervals between the NQSW and their assessor to discuss current progress on the ASYE.


At the end of the ASYE year, the employer completes a final assessment of the NQSW’s knowledge, skills and performance.  Evidence is considered from a range of work which demonstrates the NQSW’s performance in relation to all the nine domains in the PCF.  This will be documented by the assessor in the Assessment Report Template


Employers are ultimately responsible for making accurate, valid and robust assessment decisions.  They decide whether the individual has passed or failed the ASYE.


The employer should inform the individuals of the assessment outcome. 



For further information on the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment within Northumbria Healthcare, please contact
Tracey Horseman

Staff Development Officer

LDU Community

Merley Croft


NE61 2DL

Telephone:  01670 629042