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Care Management Training Courses 2014/15

Autism Awareness

Best Interest Decisions

CBT: Stress Awareness

Deaf Awareness

Duty to Refer – Disclosure & Barring Service (formerly ISA &CRB)

Hate Crime

Lessons Learnt – Workshops for practitioners following seroius case reviews


Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005 Awareness

Non-Abusive Pyscholgical & Physical Intervention – NAPPI Level 1

PREVENT (part of the Government’s counter terrorism strategy “contest”)

Safeguarding Adults – Awareness & Alerting (Level 1)

Safeguarding Adults – Referral and Decision Making Multi Agency Training (Level 2)

Safeguarding Adults – Investigation Skills for Frontline Practitioners (Level 3)

Safeguarding Adults – Investigation Skills for Team Managers (Level 3)

Safeguarding Adults – Joint Working & Criminal Investigations (Level 4)

Safeguarding Adults – Decision Making and accountability Team Manager/Operational Manager Annual Refresher Session (Level 5)

Safeguarding Adults – Human rights, good practice & safeguarding

Safeguarding Adults for Minute Takers

Suicide Awareness

Working Confidently for Frontline Practitioners