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Non-Abusive Psychological & Physical Intervention

Event Overview: The aim of NAPPI is to focus on the Assessment, Prevention and Management of confused, unpredictable, and aggressive service users. Courses are specifically designed to train staff how to:

·         Assess the potential for difficult behaviour.

·         Be prepared at all times.

  • Prevent confused and ‘unpredictable’ behaviour.
  • Deliver high quality care to even the most difficult service users.
  • Compliment the principles of safeguarding adults practice

Participants are encouraged to raise work related questions so that the training can be directly related to their area of experience. The course looks at ways of preventing possible problem behaviour by use of specific NAPPI skills. Participants learn how to listen to a client in a more effective manner, gathering the information necessary to select the correct course of action.

This course would benefit Care Management staff who work with clients and service providers and will provide a consistent approach to service user care planning whilst complimenting existing interventions.


The frequency of this training is every 18 months.


Target Group: 

Care Management Teams, NCC/NHCT staff only.


Learning Outcomes: 


  • An understanding of the NAPPI SMART Principles and how to apply them to a wide variety of situations.
  • To identify the 3 elements of General Awareness.
  • To understand the Behaviour Scales and apply them to practice.
  • To be competent in the Level one self – protection skills.


Please see available date/venues below: 
Date/times09.00 – 17.00 Venue
8th September 2015 Berwick Rugby Club 
18th November 2015 The Therapy Centre, Hexham 
4th February 2016 Choppington Social Welfare