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Safeguarding Adults – Referral & Decision Making Multi Agency Training (Level 2)

Event Overview:  

This half day session is to support practitioners who are involved in making safeguarding referrals and/or safeguarding decisions.  It will support staff that have responsibility for determining risk, vulnerability and seriousness in issues of a safeguarding nature.


The frequency of this training is once.


Target Group: 

Care Management Teams, Staff employed by NHCT & NCC


Learning Outcomes: 


  • Be familiar with the Multi-Agency Adult Safeguarding Policy, protocols and guidelines and the resulting practice implications in relation to the professional role.
  • Have an awareness of the legislative framework affecting choice, capacity and decision making with adults at risk.
  • Have an ability to measure risk and vulnerability and balance this with choice, needs and preferences of service users when planning intervention.
  • Understand the professional role and responsibilities in respect of disclosure, recording, confidentiality, information sharing and negotiating with other agencies in relation to adults at risk
  • Ensure service users/carers are supported appropriately to understand Safeguarding issues to maximise their decision making in line with the “Making Safeguarding Personal” initiative
  • Consider the issues around client capacity and consent and best practice in this particular area with reference to the Mental Capacity Act 2005.




Please see available date/venues below:am – 09.30 – 12.30     pm – 13.30 – 16.30
Date/times  Venue
13th August 2015am & pm Wansbeck General Hospital
21st August 2015pm St James’s Church Hall, Alnwick 
10th September 2015 pm Choppington Social Welfare 
23rd September 2015 am Hexham General Hospital 
27th October 2015  pm Berwick Rugby Club 
5th November 2015  pm Therapy Centre, Hexham 
1st December 2015  pm Hexham General Hospital 
15th December 2015  pm Choppington Social Welfare 
6th January 2016  pm Blyth Community Enterprise Centre 
19th  January 2016am & pm Wansbeck General Hospital
18th February 2016  pm Choppington Social Welfare 
7th March 2016  pm Berwick Rugby Club 
16th March 2016  pm Hexham General Hospital