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Practice Educator Information


For a number of years, within Northumberland, we have actively encouraged and supported social work practitioners to take on the role of a practice educator to a social work student.


We have a long tradition of offering an excellent range of high quality placements to social work students, and this is, as a direct consequence of the excellent support and expertise they receive from our current practice educators.


There are many benefits to becoming a practice educator, including


To become a  practice educator, currently involves undertaking a module of study at a local University.  The module, known as Approaches to Learning and Assessment (ALAP) prepares social workers for the role as a practice educator.


The module will enable professionals to develop their knowledge and skills in relation to the teaching and assessment of learners in social work professional practice.


If you are interested in becoming a practice educator and undertaking this module, please contact

Tracey Horseman

Staff Development Officer

LDU Community

Merley Croft


NE61 2DL

Telephone:  01670 629042